• KSP Build Checklists now available

    You've all been there: After executing the perfect launch, orbit, and transfer burn, you get to the Mun only to realize that you forgot to add landing legs to your lander. Damn! So called 'professional' space agencies (NASA, ESA, JAXA, etc.) never had this problem. Why not? Checklists. You should never leave the launchpad without one. Enough blathering, go checkout the KSP Build Checklist product page for more info. Happy launching!

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  • The Decorated Veteran Now Available for Pre-Order!

     Ladies, Gentlemen, and Zerglings. The Decorated Veteran is now available for pre-order! What does this mean? As much as we'd love to start sending the shirts out straight away, doing so would be a huge financial gamble. To get around this, we're taking pre-orders. Here's how it works: If we get 100 pre-orders before the end of January, 3 things will happen: All orders will be finalized and the funds captured. We'll do a print run of all the shirts. The shirts will be shipped! If the 100 shirt minimum is not reached by the end of the month, then...

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